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Oct 12, 2012

Mobile operator business models are going 'Digital'

Business model innovation is all about implementing the right delivery model to address a new business opportunity or to counter a competitive threat.

In this context, the 'right' delivery model involves a mix of elements as described in an earlier post. This multi-element approach is especially important when considering new areas of opportunity. The reason for this is that while marginal changes in the pricing element or re-packaging of an existing offering may provide temporary market respite they are unlikely to be competitive in the long run. Enduring innovation requires several inter-dependent elements of the business model to be reconfigured.

Over the last couple of years, connected devices have opened up many new application and service opportunities in non-mobile markets; think of eReaders, smart meters, connected health devices and digital photo frames. As a result, mobile operators and organizations in markets adjacent to mobile are altering their business strategies to address these opportunities.