Consultancy Services

I work on consultancy projects for individual companies and occasionally provide interim management services.

I primarily help companies to identify new opportunities, to evaluate the business case and to plan for implementation. My outsider's perspective complements the internal business expertise of client teams. My engineering background provides the technical and procedural underpinning to these projects, in order to produce commercially viable strategies.

I add significant leverage to company-teams helping them to:
  • gain familiarity very quickly with the issues and dynamics of the M2M/IoT market.
  •  explore innovative service concepts and go-to-market strategies that extend beyond existing company approaches.
  • qualify new opportunities based on qualitative filters (competencies, key resources, strategic fit etc.) and quantitative analysis (market sizing, business case etc.).
  • manage business risks through critical feedback on strategy, product and marketing plans.
Projects can range from a few days to several months in duration.

Please contact me at for further information.


IoT Platform Strategy – IoT device and service providers recognize the need for connectivity- and application enablement platforms to optimize the user-experience and deliver high levels of service quality. This project, for a US technology firm, focused on strategic changes in the IoT platforms market, and especially the importance of inter-operability across different vendor products, to launch a new product and partner-collaboration strategy.

M2M Industry and Market Development - Between 2008 and 2012, I worked with strategy and go-to-market teams in the GSM Association to devise and launch a market development strategy to steer a path for the mobile industry, beyond M2M, into the wider connected devices market.

New Product Development (IoT Service Opportunities) - I worked with a major European mobile network operator (MNO) to short-list and then develop an initial strategy for new IoT services, about 12-18 months prior to launch.

IoT Operations and Service Strategy – This project, for a major US supplier of hardware and technology, assessed the emerging demand for operational support of enterprise M2M and emerging IoT services. This assessment fed into a business-unit strategy including key capability development goals and partnering opportunities.

Digital Currency and Mobile Payment Platform Strategy – I advised on a strategy to promote a next-generation payments-platform using mobile as a distribution channel for digital currencies. My work focused on the eco-system necessary to implement such a platform. I also outlined a multi-party business model and quantified the profitability outcomes necessary to incentivize each of the different partners in the value chain.

Competitive Dynamics for User-authentication Services – There is a growing tendency to use social-network login procedures as a mechanism for user-authentication. For this project, I analysed feedback from corporate users and developers of authentication systems to assess the relative market share of different approaches. The survey data also characterized the commercial criteria that buyers and developers wished to see in second-generation authentication solutions.

Off-Net M2M Strategy - This project, for a mobile network operator (MNO), evaluated the addressable market opportunity and recommended a channel strategy to target "off-net" M2M opportunities in countries adjoining the MNO's footprint.

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