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Nov 22, 2022

Business Reengineering and Twitter

The recent and abrupt change in Twitter’s governance model has large businesses scaling back their advertising spend on the platform. Anecdotally, advertisers spend a small proportion of their budgets on Twitter compared to larger scale platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. As a result, advertisers can disengage gradually without completely losing touch with the public.

May 6, 2018

Who is setting the IoT agenda?

Several weeks ago, I was in a briefing call with a panelist who was preparing for an event on privacy and security challenges in the IoT market. This was in the context of possible guidelines emanating from the US government.

There was the usual discussion about the pros and cons of light-touch and self-regulatory approaches, in keeping with the conditions that fostered innovation and investment in the Internet.

However, the world has moved on since the late-90s; it is worth spending time to reflect on today's conditions and what new approaches are warranted. And, to what extent will US agencies set the future direction?

Jul 14, 2013

M2M Acquisitions and the Price of Growth

The topic of acquisitions in the M2M market has featured in several company announcements and several of my discussions with industry players. In late June Avista Capital Partners completed its $253m acquisition of Telular Corporation, an M2M event monitoring and reporting service provider.

During the month of May, the CEO of Sierra Wireless was quizzed about his company’s acquisition intentions by financial analysts at a Global TMT Conference organised by Jefferies, an investment bank. Following its divestiture of a non-core business unit to focus on M2M, Sierra Wireless holds about $160m on its balance sheet. Of this, about $100m is being earmarked for M&A initiatives. So, what are some of the considerations that will determine how these funds might be deployed?

May 14, 2013

Verizon M2M - revised priorities?

My attention was recently drawn to Verizon’s recruitment activities in the M2M sector. I was intrigued by the profiles and the roughly 130 positions Verizon has been trying to fill notably when these are viewed against the acquisitions it made as part of its M2M strategy. More on this will follow after a recap of Verizon’s initiatives.

Apr 23, 2013

M2M service provider metrics

This note is part of my occasional series dealing with business metrics for the M2M sector. On this occasion I examine a few operational benchmarks for an M2M service provider. In this case, I have drawn on data for Numerex in the US which is one of a few publicly quoted entities in the M2M market.

Numerex was established in 1992 and has focused on wireless connectivity since 1999 after divesting its wire line business to BT. The company recently passed the 2m connections milestone during Q1-2013. While this connections base is small in relation to the M2M business units of the large mobile operators (many of which fall in roughly the 5–10m range) it serves as a useful reference point for business planning, performance benchmarking and investor due diligence insights. These are highly topical in the present climate where companies are expanding their M2M operations; this earlier post on building a billion dollar M2M business, for example, has been the most read item on this site in recent months.