Dec 21, 2014

A stellar approach to IoT

The IoT market can seem overwhelming because of the multitude of use cases and novelty connected devices that capture the news headlines. It’s a bit like looking at the stars on a clear night; each star stands for an individual connected device.

Faced with so much choice, a natural reaction is to look for concentrations of stars or orderly clusters. This is much the same way that ancient astrologers discerned constellations, such as Orion, Hercules and Ursa Major, in the night sky. This is also the way that many companies approach the IoT market, targeting opportunities in the modern day equivalent of ‘clusters’ that characterise our everyday lives. Examples include the connected car, manufacturing supply chains and smart homes. Within any one of these areas, applications typically focus on point-solutions: in-car Internet access; or, vehicle security services; or even remote monitoring for usage based insurance

Is this the best way to assess the underlying IoT opportunity?